Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ringle Ti-Stix wheels for the Yo-Eddy

I think these wheels would look great on the Chameleon Metalica Yo-Eddy I'm in the process of restoring.  These are the very rare Ringle Ti-Stix hubs from the 95-96 season just before Ringle got bought out by or merged with Sun. I have the same front hub on my Adroit and think it's pretty damn cool!

They are laced up using Titanium bladed spokes to Sun CR-16 rims. Due to their straight design it seems difficult to make the bladed spokes aligned properly, so we may rebuild these with regular (non-bladed spokes) in the end, we'll see how it goes. Most likely the red rims won't work with the green frame anyways.

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