Saturday, December 24, 2011

1995 Klein Attitude Team Storm - Update #2

Here is another quick update on the progress for the 1995 Attitude repaint.  It's really looking amazing - great work Jon.

Here is a link to Jon's website if you want to check out his other work and past projects:

More updated coming

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sneak peak at a restoration in progress...

Here are a few spy shots of a 1995 Klein Attitude undergoing restoration by Jon Rock in England.  The bike started out in the Team Red/White/Yellow paint scheme.  The paint definitely showed its age and the bike was definitely ridden hard and put away yet.

The fuselage will be completed with a matching Judy XC fork and an MC2 bar/stem combo.  Not sure on the final build yet but most likely will be equipped with full Shimano M737 XT or M950 XTR, not sure yet.

Here is a shot of this bike as it started out.  A bunch of scratches, chips, and so on.  It was a very sound frame though, no dents or crack, bearings in pretty good shape (will be replaced anyways).

Stay tuned for more updates on this and other projects.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

1992 Klein Attitude Backfire

Yet another beautiful example of an early Klein Attitude.  The MC1 Attitude went through several evolutionary changes.  It began life as a basic Rascal frame (which shares a lot of basic structure with the earlier Top Gun) with the addition of the oversize sealed bearing headset, with a pressed in fork and the Mission Control bar/stem combo. 

This specific Attitude is a 1992 model year distinguished from the 1990/91 model by virtue of the rounded uniklein fork (versus the older style box crown fork) and the white outlined decals.  This is the last model year of the Attitude with a 27.2 mm seat post (switched to 31.6 in 93), use of decals (Klein switched to debossing in 1993 due to issues with the decals exploding during over cure due the interaction with the Durathane paints that Klein used) and a slightly smaller down tube (1 7/8" in 93).

This Attitude is truly a survivor, it's in amazing shape!!  There is virtually no chain suck, no dents, only a couple larger scratches and a few smaller scratches and and chips.  The headset and bottom bracket bearings are in good shape, but they will be replaced anyways.

The bike is currently built with Shimano M735 XT which are also in good shape, most parts are original with the exception of the cranks which were replaced by the previous owner.  The seatpost and seat will have to be replaced with something more appropriate for this bike.

 The bike definitely needs some cleaning and polishing but underneath some of the dirt and grime is a real beauty just waiting to shine!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

1987 Fat Chance Wicked Update

Here's a quick update on the 87 Wicked.  Spent a good part of the day cleaning the frame and refurbishing some parts.  Cleaned, polished and refurbished (even managed to find some nice Matthauser brake pads) the brakes, shifters and the Magura levers.  Here are some quick pics of the current status.

More pics of the frame and rest of the gorgeous bike coming up this weekend.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1989 Fat Chance Wicked

Finally got around to rebuilding the 89 Fat Chance Wicked, one of two Wickeds I'm currently working on.  The build remains largely unchanged from it's original state with the exception of removing the home made handlebar and replacing the Bullseye cranks which will go on another Fat Chance project in the works.  This bike really represents a typical mid to late 80s rig.  Slightly relaxed angles compared to the Yo Eddy frame (didn't come out until next year) and the Team Comp, maybe not as pretty as some Ritcheys of the same era but a very nice bike nevertheless.

The bike build is also very typical of the time period, 7-spd Shimano XT drivetrain complete with classic thumbshifters, massive Magura brake levers, Suntour Self Energizing rear brakes, American Classic QRs, 3TTT Pro-Compe bar and Specialized forged crank and specialized ring (slightly newer vintage than the bike) are just some of who's who on this bike.

For the new Fat Chance fans out there you really need to make your way to Fat Cogs the premier Fat Chance online community forum to read up on these bikes and see what they are all about.

For my part this bike needs a bit of shakedown and a final tuneup and then it's onto it's slightly older brother.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Upcoming projects

I've been very busy lately with a job transition and am falling behind on some projects.  However, stuff is going on and here is a quick list of some things I have been working on and will post up shortly.

Rebuilding and restoring guide of Bullseye cranks.  I am in the process of custom building new seals for the old Bullseye bearings and will have the cranks powder coated.

Restoring two 88/89 Fat Chance Wickeds, first one is done and the second is still under the knife and taking a little longer than expected.

Full restoration on a 1990 Yo Eddy, this one will be killer.  It will receive the reconditioned Bullseye cranks, matching black Bullseye wheels, full M732/725 XT, Grove Innovations Hothead bar/stem combo and a host of other goodies.

Full restoration on a 1993/94 Grove Innovations Hard Core, bikes is currently being repainted by Bill Grove and will have a matching Hammerhead bar/stem and Hard Core fork and will be completed with a full NOS Shimano M735 XT gruppo, another bike to watch out for.

Another full restoration of a 1995 Klein Attitude.  The bike is currently getting repainted in a Team Storm scheme by Jon Rock in the UK.  Not sure how I'll build this bike up yet and am still collecting parts to complete it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1993 Gossamer Klein Attitude "Gossy"

Finally it's done-done.  What a killer looking bike, it's growing on me by the minute.  At first I wasn't quite sure about the muted gray tones and the funky smoke like wisps, but I really like it.  As always, you slap some M900 XTR on a bike and it immediately looks much better.  The original XTR gray cable housing really seals the deal for me.  On to the pics...

I really think this bike turned out great.  It's definitely not mint like the Moonrise or the Sea & Sky, it has several battle scars here and there, but the gray color tends to mask them a little bit better than the bright fades.  From what I understand this method of painting (using an acetylene torch) is problematic because it introduces impurities into the paint which in the long run could create problems.  In that vein there is a little bit of corrosion under the paint near the rear brake cable exit in the top tube and around the neck of the MC1, it's nothing to worry about, but it's there.

The condition of the XTR gruppo I used for the build matches the condition of the frame rather well - "used but not beat."  For those following the evolution of the bike it was originally built with M735 XT, grip shift and a few stragglers - nothing exciting.  I think the M900 components work with the frame very well and more importantly THEY WORK REALLY WELL!!!  This bike is super smooth!!!  I thought about rebuilding / repacking the hubs but they didn't need it.  Combined with all new headset and bottom bracket bearings this bike flies.

All said and done this is one bike I can't wait to get out on the trail and given a chance I'll head out to Palos Verdes this weekend and see how it holds up. 

Stay tuned for several other Kleins in the works, 1995 Attitude in Storm, 93 Adroit also in Storm and a 94 Painted Desert whose fate is not yet decided...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Man the people at the post office love me...

Another bust day at the post office and no shortage of glares from the long line of customers.
Today it's Abu Dhabi, Netherlands, Germany and a surprise appearance from the good ole U.S. of A.

Something Wicked this way comes

In this case it's a couple late 80s Fat Chance Wickeds.  These two are just getting ready to be completely overhauled, but but will remain 100% original.

Both bikes are in very good condition and come in very attractive and uncommon colors.

More pics to follow...

1993 Klein Attitude Gossamer

Here's a quick sneak peak at the nearly complete Gossamer Attitude.  More photos to come soon.  Still have to replace the BB spindle with a shorter one before it's really done.

The bike is built with a full Shimano M900 XTR gruppo, has all new bearings, original Panaracer Hard Core Smoke and Dart tires, Syncros post and a Flite saddle.