Current Projects

Here is a snapshot of some current projects

Coming up

1994 Klein Attitude Storm - Restoration with original paint

1994 Klein Adept L - Attempt at restoration while preserving original paint

1994 Klein Adroit XL - Full repaint

1990 Klein Attitude XL - Full repaint in Team Dolomite

1993 Klein Adroit XS - Tinker Juarez tribute bike

1991 Fat Chance Wicked - Full repaint, box crown fork, Campy Centaur

Currently in progress:

1987 Yeti FRO - Full repaint in white with M730 XT and Bullseye - will live in Switzerland

1992 / 93 Moots Mountaineer - Original paint, WTB RC & hubs, XC-PRO, Cook - will live in CA

1990 Yo Eddy - Full repaint in Team Grello, Bullseye, Grafton XC-PRO - will live in Switzerland

1996 Klein Attitude - Full repaint by Jon Rock in Nightstorm, XTR, Chris King, Race Face - TBD