Completed Projects

This is a brief photo gallery of some of my completed projects and restorations, in reverse chronological order:

1994 Yeti ARC - Full repaint in team Yellow/Turquoise, Team style build with mix of Grafton/Ringle and Manitou 3 fork - lives in Switzerland

1996 Fat Chance Yo Eddy - Full repaint in Chameleon Metallica, M900 XTR, Groovy Fork and Mag-21 SL, Ringle throughout - lives in North Carolina

1992 Yeti Ultimate - Original paint, XT/Bullseye build - lives in Switzerland

1995 Yeti ARC - Full repaint in Yellow/Turquoise factory team spec race bike replica - lives in Italy

1992 Klein Attitude - Original paint in backfire, M900 XTR - lives in Germany

1990 Klein Attitude - Original Team paint, full M732 XT - Lives in the U.K.

1993 / 94 - Bontrager OR Race - Original pain, full M900 XTR - lives in Australia

1991 Grove Innovations Hard Core - Repaint by Bill Grove, custom build - lives in Los Angeles

1992 Fat Chance Yo Eddy - Full repaint in Team Violet, M900 XTR - lives in the San Francisco

1993 Klein Attitude Moonrise - Original paint, all M900 XTR - lives in Norway

1988 Fat Chance Wicked - Original paint, all XT M730 - lives in France

1984 Stumpjumper Comp - All original paint and components - lives in Japan

1989 Fat Chance Wicked - All original paint, period correct M732 XTR - lives in Arizona

1993 Trek 8900 - Customized 1x8 setup city bike - lives in Utah

1992 GT Zaskar - Customized 1x8 city bike, refinished frame, GT 3D fork - lives in California