Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1995 Yeti ARC Build begins

The long journey is nearly at an end. The frame and fork came back from Spectrum last night and what a sight!!  It's perfect, I can't find a flaw anywhere. The colors are spot on, the powder is very even throughout, decals placement spot on, just terrific. The build will be somewhat iterative as we've compiled several varieties of stems, headsets, bars, crank and a few other bits. Here is the first crack to get the bike up on its wheels.

So far so good. Everything is coming together nicely, not that I've done that much. Wheels are in excellent condition and slotted right in. I have another pair with hard anodized Mavic 117s that we may decide to swap in lieu of these silver 117s. Still waiting on a couple more Ringle posts and a blue Ringle stem.

Can't wait for this bike to come together!!

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