Thursday, November 24, 2011

1992 GT Zaskar 1x8 Complete

Yet another Second Spin custom project complete and ready for delivery tomorrow.  This Zaskar came out very nicely, there were a few challenges along the way, such as obtaining a matching rigid fork, some original parts all in black and getting the rear brake sorted out.

It's hard to believe that this gorgeous bike was hiding out underneath all of the dirt, oxidation, nasty rotten old parts.  It still needs a little breaking in but it should be going to it's new home tomorrow.  I for one am looking forward to many late night rides with Brian!!

1993 / 94 Bontrager Race Lite

In my quest to rediscover steel I recently acquired a very-very nice 93/94 Bontrager Race Lite.  I've only had the bike a couple days and I think I'm going to love it.  The frame is very responsive, almost twitchy but perhaps a couple cockpit adjustments might help solve that.

I am really impressed with the attention to detail on these bikes and specifically the focus on strength, something Bontragers are evidently famous for.  Every frame joint, every gusset and curve is well thought out and if needed reinforced.

This bike is equipped with the Lightweight Race (vs. Comp) version of the Bontrager composite rigid fork. This combination gives the bike a very responsive and precise ride characteristic.

I am very much looking forward to getting the bike out on the local trails and see how it handles some dirt!!

1992 Fat Chance Yo Eddy Team Violet Complete

Well, my first real restoration project is complete, and it may be going to a new home as soon as this weekend!!!  I am very excited and proud of the outcome of this project and hope that the new owner gets many more years of riding enjoyment.

Enjoy the pics!!

The build is as follows:

Drivetrain: Shimano M900 XTR
Bearings: Shimano M900 XTR
Brakes: Shimano M900 XTR
Stem: Salsa
Handlebar: Answer Hyperlite
Seatpost: Syncros
Seat: Selle Italia Turbo
Tires: Panaracer Dart/Smoke

Paintwork was done by Russ Pickett and decals provided by Groovy Cycles.

I have a pretty good idea for the next Fat Chance build, so stay tuned for more updates!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1992 GT Zaskar Update #2

Got the Zaskar up and on it's two legs last night.  It's really cool to see this bike emerge out of the pile of parts that's been accumulating in my garage over the past couple of months.  All that's missing from inventory is the XT U-Brake and I can finish the assembly (chain and cables are on hand)

Brian has been waiting patiently for the bike, but I know he's anxious to get it.  Hopefully it will be done before the weekend!!

1992 GT Zaskar Update

The bike is coming along nicely.  Frame prep is complete abs a few parts are on.




The GT fork arrived last night so stay tuned for the completion of this project in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1989 - 1990 Mantis XCR

Here is something slightly different from what I've posted before.  I've been a huge fan of Mantis bikes for a long time.  Ever since my dad and I bought a pair of Pro-Floaters back in 1997 I knew I always wanted to have a Mantis.  I currently own three Pro-Floaters in various states of completion but have never really had a rigid Mantis.  So, when this crazy thing fell in my lap I decided to get it.

Mantis, now defunct was the brainchild of Richard Cunningham (of MTBR fame) and the XCR was his first entry into more aggressive, racing geometry mountain bike.  This crazy thing is a great example of the last few XCRs produced (or so it seems).  The main frame is made of Aluminum and the rear triangle is Chromoly Steel and is bolted onto the front.  I used to briefly own a Gary Fisher CR-7 which was a mass produced and licensed version of this bike.

                                            My old CR-7

This specific XCR is a bit of a mixed bag of design features.  The rear is set up for a roller cam or u-brake, and the Mantis made fork is set up for cantilevers, kind of unusual for a bike from this time.

Among other features it has a integrated sealed bottom bracket with grease fittings to make it serviceable, something you don't see very often.  The paint on this bike is called Orange Bassboat and is very-very sparkly.  

From what I've gathered from other vintage MTB fans and the previous owner this bike was originally built for the owner of Bike Beat (a once great bike shop in LA) and was actually going to be a Team Bike Beat bike (hence the Bike Beat logo on the head tube).  For whatever reason it was never built up and ridden and passed hands onto the current owners of Chumba Wumba where it hung up for another several years.  Then it was sold to a private owner who also never got around to building it up and it hung up for yet another couple years.

I hope to break this bike's curse and get it built up very quickly and take it out for a test ride, I've always wondered what a rigid mantis would ride like.

Source information about Mantis courtesy of:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1994 Klein Attitude Sea & Sky w/ Strata

Well it just goes to show you never know what you're going to find.  A good friend tipped me off to this bike, and after a quick drive out to Arizona I came home with a gem!!  It's a 1994 Klein Attitude painted in Sea & Sky, but with a couple of twists.

This must have been a custom order because the previous owners name "Sheila" is debossed into the paint just like the other decals.  Most importantly this Attitude came equipped from the factory with the Strata fork typically reserved for the Adroit.

Overall this bike is in amazing condition, I doubt it saw much off-road and it shows.  There are a couple tiny scratches, nicks and some very minor chain suck. 

The equipment is a full M900 kit in near mint condition.  The bike is an amazing find and I still wonder how it is that bikes like this one and the Moonrise Attitude are out there in this condition, unridden, unused and so early perfect!!

Klein Family Reunion

I thought some of you might enjoy this, so here is a quick lineup before a couple bikes go to their new owners.

This just makes me smile!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

1992 Fat Chance Yo Eddy Team Violet

Here's a quick photo update on the 1992 Yo Eddy restoration project.  For those of you following along this bike came to me in all black, and pretty beat up black at that.  It was repainted by Russ Pickett at Airart and now received the full M900 XTR parts treatment. 

The fact that the bike is a 1992 (based on the serial number) qualifies it for the M900 gruppo which debuted in 1992.  It took a little while to complete a full M900 gruppo and although the parts are not NOS they are in near mint condition.  I even managed to find a rather rare 12-28 rear cassette, which in my opinion looks much better than the 12-32 ones you find more often.

Everything on the bike short of the seatpost is M900 XTR and it's starting to look great.  For some reason every bike I build with the M900 gruppo just looks so much better than with another gruppo like M735 XT or other.  It just works so well!!

I'm really looking forward to receiving the few missing pieces (Front brake cable hanger, NOS Panaracer Dart & Smoke Comp tires and chainstay protector).  Aside from the XTR the bike received a near NOS Answer Hyperlite bar in black along with a matching black Syncros seatpost and NOS turbo saddle.

This is really shaping up to be a very special build!