Sunday, May 27, 2012

1990 & 1992 Klein Attitudes

The rest of the pics from the combined Attitude shoot...

 Something about these two paint jobs next to eachother is awesome. I wish I had room in the car to bring the gator Adroit it would have added nicely to the this pair, it is really dirty though...


  1. Hello Martin.

    i don't mean to try to solicit but I'm trying to unload my deceased uncle's old 1990 Klein Attitude Team on behalf of my Dad. Let me know if you are interested. By the way, great restorations!


    1. Send me an email directly Adam, let's see what the bike looks like and maybe I can help you find it a good home.

  2. Hi Martin, I own a Klein attitude 1992 xtr with a Klein personalized rockshox mag 21 in Quito - Ecuador, its in very good shape, I want to send to you some pics for your advice if it need some paint job, maybe the sun affect some colors,

  3. sorry, I dont wrote mi mail, from the klein 1992 attitude RS xtr, its