Monday, May 28, 2012

1991 Grove Innovations Hard Core Complete

It's officially done-done!! Exactly what I wanted all these years. Thank you Bill for making it all possible!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fat Chance Yo Eddy Update

Although brakeless I was finally able to ride the Yo and I think it might be a decent fit. It's a bit hard to say with the fork steerer the way it is, but in terms of leg extension I think it's decent. I have a 410mm Syncros post coming which will help a bit as well. I think the BB is more gone that it seemed as the bike felt a bit rough under load, maybe the chain or cranks need some more cleaning.

Hope to get this done soon and see if it will really fit or if it's back to the large frame.

1990 & 1992 Klein Attitudes

The rest of the pics from the combined Attitude shoot...

 Something about these two paint jobs next to eachother is awesome. I wish I had room in the car to bring the gator Adroit it would have added nicely to the this pair, it is really dirty though...

1990 Klein Attitude Team

Another successful project comes to a close this weekend. It's take a little bit of time to finad all the correct M732 XT parts for this build, but it's done and it looks stunning. I think even after 20+ years these colors are too vivid for my DSLR...

I tried to go for a very correct period build using all new or nearly new parts. About the only components on there that have seen any use are the cranks and brakes and you'd be hard pressed to tell.

The bike rides like a dream, even after all these years the bearings were still in excellent condition. This has been a fun project to work on and very satisfying to see it all done!

1992 Klein Attitude

I think this build is about as clean and original as it gets, right down to the XTR seatpost and QR. Although Attitudes usually came with XT (like this one originally) I think it looks fabulous with XTR.  Anyways, since there isn't much to discuss when it comes to M900 on to the pictures...