Monday, September 8, 2014

Tinker Juarez - 1993 World Cup Season on the Storm Klein Adroit

While researching the build for my Tinker replica Adroit I amassed a rather large collection of photos of Tinker racing racing the Adroit and a couple other Kleins. I thought this would be a good opportunity to post them up and try to establish a time line of that iconic bike.

This continues to be a work in progress as I find more pictures, videos and race results. Any info would be helpful!

Start of the 93 season - Preseason promotional pic

Full clouds on the MC1 and fork lowers. This is the only picture of this configuration for that bike. Very soon after he went to a black MC1, with only a touch of clouds on the bottom of the quill.

I only see one sponsor sticker on the drive side chainstay, looks like maybe the Sachs sticker.

Black Onza L-bend bar ends, which is interesting because he stopped using them for most of the season.

1993 Grundig World Cup - Llinars del Vall├Ęs, Barcelona (April 23, 1993) (Number plate 20)

Finish : UNK

Race video here (2:37, 2:58-3:02)

Tinker is sporting an unpainted Z-Leader helmet

1993 Grundig World Cup - Bassano del Grappa, Italy (Number plate 15)

Finish : UNK

This image is not confirmed to be from this race

1993 Grundig World Cup - Houffalize, Belgium (Number plate 19)

Finish : UNK

This image is not confirmed to be from this race

1993 Specialized Cactus Cup (Number plate 13)

Maybe the first race for the storm Z-Leader helmet, only one with a Powerbar sticker on it.

1993 Jeep NORBA National Circuit - Traverse City, Michigan (Number plate 12)

Still on cloud painted fork lowers, looks like black Onza bar ends, hard to pick up any other details.

1993 Grundig World Cup / Jeep NORBA National series - Mount Snow, VT

1993 Grundig World Cup - Mont St. Anne, Canada (Number plate 20)

Finish : 1st

Possibly the first time he switched to the new Mag-21 SL Ti.

Also now using Look pedals, 3DV Onza bar ends and Psycho front tire

Klein Jersey and gloves


1993 Grundig World Cup Race - Bromont, Canada (Number plate 11)

Finish : 2nd

Setup looks to be identical to the Mont St. Anne, only change I can see for sure is the Panaracer Dart front tire. Also one of the first pics with a new Z-Leader decal on the DS seat stay.

This seems to be the last race where he's running 3DV mounts for the Grafton Re-entry brake levers, he seems to have switched to black mounts in the following races.

1993 Grundig World Cup / Jeep National Series - Vail, Colorado

Finish : UNK

Same setup as before, Panaracer Dart and black mounts for the Grafton Re-entry brake levers.

1993 Grundig World Cup / Jeep NORBA National - Mammoth Mountain (Number plate 2)

Finish : 6th

Here is a video of the race

1993 Grundig World Cup - Plymouth, UK (Number plate 2)

Finish : UNK

Video of Tinker here (4:03 into video)

One of the few races in an actual Storm Jersey

1993 Grundig World Cup - Berlino, Germany (Number plate 3)

Finish : UNK

1993 World Championships - Metabief, France

Finish : 9th

As far as I can tell this is the final evolution of this bike. Tinker used a rigid fork @ Metabief because the mud was so thick and heavy, most people were running with their bikes, and he wanted the lightest bike possible.

Unknown Source

Unknown - Race

Gone is the cloud painted MC1 in lieu of a black one. Campy pedals, Tioga Psycho front tire, Sidi Dominator shoes, gone are Onza bar-ends, full race decal kit.

Tinker still wearing a 92 season jersey.

Unknown magazine writeup

Looks like painted Rock Shox lowers, Campy pedals, Psycho tire, Powerbar sticker in front of Grafton on top tube, no bar ends

Klein seatpost???