Thursday, May 10, 2012

I miss my old Adroit

It's funny to find pictures of your old bikes all over the internet more than 10 years after you've owned them. Most I don't miss, this one I do...

I got it just like this and it took around two years to find an MC1, a Strata fork and all the parts. Below is what it looked like when it left my possession in 2003. According to the previous owner it was Tinker's back up race bike (previous owner claimed to be Tinker's mechanic) and was never used. It did have the correct paint job, extra water bottle mounts on the down tube and Ti BB spindle and brake bosses. If nothing else it was a cool early storm bike. When I showed it to him Tinker had a fuzzy memory about those times and thought that "yeah, he might have had spares" but didn't really recall. He did say that his primary race bike was sold or given away to someone in Los Angeles.

I kind of wish I could do it over again, I think I got carried away with the fork and bars, oh well... live and learn. It was a fun bike to ride for a couple months though.

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