Sunday, May 13, 2012

1990 Klein Attitude build update

I've been slacking a bit on this build lately and decided to play some catchup. I was lucky enough to spend most of the weekend away in the mountains and caught up on some much needed rest. So, after getting home this afternoon I managed to make some progress on the Attitude.

There were several issues with the cranks to get sorted; misaligned chainline and missing  non-drive side crankarm. The previous owner was using compact drive cranks and so to make them work the bottom bracket spindle was moved inboard a bit to accomodate the more modern cranks. Consequently when I went to install the M730 XT cranks they would end up hitting the chainstay. In oder to correct that the bottom bracket spindle had to get moved back outboard, but of course while doing that the bearings tend to come out as well. So, to make it right I just replaced the bearings and adjusted the spindle to correct the chainline.  After some rummaging through the stash of parts boxes I found the missing crankarm and now they reunited.

Next in line, the cockpit. I thought I had a nice pair of XT thubmies and 2 finger brake levers, but I couldn't find the front shifter anywhere and the front brake lever is not nearly as nice as the rear. This really messed up the chi of the bike and just wouldn't do. Luckily I have a box full of  NOS stuff so instead of taking apart other bikes to salvage parts I just opted to use some new shifters and brake levers.



So, the drivetrain is all strung up and ready to. I've worked on some many Kleins where the housing ferrules are seized inside the frame that I learned to liberally apply anti-seize to the ferrules before inserting them into the frame. I use copper based anti-seize and do not skimp on it.

Next up replacing the wheels with some shiny new XT on hard anodized Araya RM17s and setting up the brakes. Then just a general tuneup and it's done.

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