Saturday, May 19, 2012

1992 Fat Chance Yo Eddy

My search for the right Yo has really been a case of Goldilocks and the three bears, the medium is too small, the large is too big and so I hope that the medium-large will be just right. So, I've been searching around for a nice Medium-Large Yo Eddy for some time, and I may have finally found it. I only say may because this frame is sort of an oddball. Its serial number indicates that it is only a Medium (Which for the most part is too small for me) but it's actual dimensions suggest it's a M-L, so hopefully once I get it all put together it will work out. Otherwise it's the large all the way.

Here is how the bike came to me, mostly a solid build using M900 XTR with a few random replacements.

I happen to have a nice BOI fork off of another 1992 Yo Eddy (a Large) and although it does not match the color of the frame, I think it works really-really well.

This build will not be 100% period correct. For the most part I'll stick with M900 XTR (ya-ya, I know - boring), but with a few modifications such as Syncros BB and cranks and some more modern Chris King wheels. Headset will be the usual no logo CK, Syncros post and I hope to find a nice Syncros stem to complete the package.

Until I can be sure that this frame will suit me I have to keep the stupidly long fork steerer and the silver ringle stem until I can find a more suitable alternative.

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