Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yeti ARC-AS back from repair

A quick update on another Yeti rescue. This ARC-AS was a very bittersweet acquisition. The frame was in beautiful shape, there was barely a scratch on it. Unfortunately the seat tube was splintered right at the seat binder. Fortunately Frank was able to easily fix it and at the same perform pre-emptive head tube replacement.

It's no secret that the head tube on an ARC will eventually crack and since the frame was already going to be painted it would be prudent to replace the headtube with the updated design. So Frank did his usual magic and extracted the old one. The new owner of this ARC will get a nice little plaque made of the old headtube!

The arc is a bit further back in the paint queue so it might be a while before you see any more updates. In the mean time the hunt for parts continues, still a few big ticket items missing form the kit.

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