Thursday, November 1, 2012

92 Klein Attitude post repair

I picked up this Attitude with a cracked seat binder bolt solely for the fork and MC1. However the frame was in very good shape and it seemed like a waste to simply toss it and so I talked it over with Frank and decided to try and fix it. I sent another Attitude along with this one to serve as a template for what the seat binder should look like and I think the result is pretty good. This Attitude was repainted by in Sea & Sky at some point and from the look of it the painting was done at Klein.

It might need a little more shaping and evening out, but it's much better than simply cutting off the top of the seat tube and using an external collar. 

I think the result is great, and another frame is saved from the scrap yard. The frame was slightly out of alignment so Frank gave it a good once over and now it's ready for some finishing touches!

 It's very neat to see a bare klein frame and really take a close look at the smooth welds... just something you don't see too often.

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