Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Meet the final graduating class of 2012

The last batch of 2012 bikes are geting ready to go to Spectrum for a fresh coat of paint. This batch will come back in Moonrise linear fade.

The first is a 1992/93 Adroit which started life as Gator linear fade and was later repainted by Klein in Deep Forest Green (corrected, thanks to CB). I was going to do a Tinker Juarez race bike replica with this frame but the buyer I was going to build it for decided on a different bike so it's going to be Moonrise instead.

Neat little signature inside the headtube, haven't seen that before.

You can still see the remains of the original gator fade paint job

Next up is a 1994 Attitude. I was originally going to have this bike painted in pearl while with the next batch, but thought it might be more unique in moonrise. You don't see too many MC2s in moonrise, not that there are many moonies to begin with.

The frame had some pretty nasty chainsuck which required attention

Corrosion underneath the paint is pretty common on MC2s, this will get addressed during paint

More corrosion at the cable exit on the top tube

All new water bottle mount rivnuts installed

The last of the batch is a 93 Attitude complete with a rigid fork and MC1. This bike is in good shape overall, but the paint is far gone with lots of scratches, fade and chips.

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  1. Nice Kleins! Again!
    I actually like that dark green color on that Adroit!
    My Attitude is at the paintshop as well. Hopefully it wont take to long to get it back in Painted Desert.
    Does Spectrum comes close to all original Klein colors? I think there is a difference in the 1990-1993 colors (mc1 era)and the more metallic colors from 1994 (MC2 era).