Friday, September 28, 2012

Custom 1991 Fat Chance Wicked

This 1991 Wicked is full of little custom features. The box crown fork is highly unusual for a Fat Chance this late in their production life, however this bike came like this from the factory. Evidently the first owner raced for Fat (or a Fat sponsored shop back in MA) at some point in time and ordered this bike for city riding / touring. In addition to the box crown fork this Wicked also features Yo Eddy style top tube cable routing, a threaded BB shell (didn't really start until 92 on most Fats) and a pair of water bottle mounts underneath the down tube. The bike was in a sorry state when I got it, mostly a heap of parts, but it included a nice IRD post, King headset, MRC Ti stem, Ti BB, Ti brake bosses and Ti bolts throughout the bike (one snapped off in the downtube water  bottle mount and with some previous attempt at removal). Rest of the bike was XC-PRO with a couple other odds and ends.

The bike had some minor repairs done around the chainstays and most prominently the removal and replacement of the water bottle mount with the sheared off Ti bolt. Frame is not fully aligned and ready to be repainted.

I will paint this one and one other 91 Wicked in Ice Teal metallic and this bike will be built with a full Campagnolo grouppo to pay tribute to Fat racers of old. It ought to be stunning.

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