Friday, September 28, 2012

1988 Fat Chance Team Comp

I am very happy to finally be the owner of a Team Comp. It seems that getting a Yo Eddy or a Wicked is easy these days, but TCs just don't come up very often, especially ones with G.P. Wilson dropouts. Sadly this one is missing the original fork, but it did come with a nice matching Salsa stem. For the time being I'll built it up with a nice old Rock Shox RS-1 and see how it rides.

I'm not not sure, but I feel like this bike was previously repainted. The decal placement is off and under the clear coat, there is a Chris Chance decal on the top tube along with a Yo Eddy guy near the head tube and the overspray in the BB shell and inside the headtube. Otherwise the bike is in great shape and ought to be a solid rider.

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