Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1990 Klein Attitude XL - "The Bruiser"

Started doing some preparatory work on a 1990 Klein Attitude. I'm dubbing this bike The Bruiser not only due to its size, but also as a result of the fight it's putting up along the way. So far four of the six rivnuts used to hold the water bottle bolts have spun in the frame with the bolts still inside them, both of the rear brake bosses have snapped off and all of the cable housing ferrules were fused to the frame. Fortunately the latter all came out...

First order of business was to remove the housing ferrules which were stuck inside the cable inlets. One trick I found with these is to soak them in PB Blast or another penetrating fluid and then try to gently twist them with a drill motor using a slightly oversize drill bit. Once they spin inside the inlets you can add more penetrating fluid, spin them again and then they should be able to be persuaded out with a pair of grippy needle nose pliers.

All better...

Next I tried to clean up some of the chainsuck. Final fill and smoothing will be done during paint after a chemical strip of the existing paint.

Then some clean up of the corrosion areas around cable entry and exit points.

The paint in the front of the bike is extremely thick. You can see the layers in a couple of the pics.

Next, extract the broken rear brake bosses and replace the spun rivnuts, actually I'll just replace all six.

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