Thursday, July 5, 2012

1990 GT Cyclone

I originally acquired this bike for its Campagnolo Centaur component gruppo, but upon receiving it I realized that this is a very special bike. As far as I can tell GT introduced the Cyclone in 1990 as a special order works type project. It may have been produced through 1991, but I'm not sure. The frame is built from Tru Temper Cromoly steel and features beautiful fillet brazed welds. Yeah, that's right - fillet brazing on a GT. The GT 2x4 fork and Mitt Romney, I mean Flip-Flop stem both receive the same treatment. This specific frame is finished off in a gorgeous purple/mulberry metallic, with a pool cue style transition to a dark yellow, same color as the fork.

Other unique features include the rake adjustable dropouts on the fork, some sort of proprietary bottom bracket (might be a hold over from the campy gruppo) or GT made part, finely sculpted stay ends and internal top tube cable routing for the rear mounted U-brake. The GT logo is prominently stamped on the end of the top tube, flip-flop stem (both directions) and on the bottom of the fork legs.

Final plans for this bike are TBD, but I think a full M732 XT build seems very appropriate. The bike definitely needs some work, but it could be a real head turner if built properly!! Stay tuned.

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  1. So glad you ended up with this bike, I don't think it could have found a better home. I thought I informed you that it had filet brazed welds. Oh well it must have been exciting finding out for yourself. Can't wait to see the finished product. One day maybe I will be in a place to purchase one of your awesome re-builds! Well keep on truckin'!