Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bit of a quiet weekend

Well, it's been a fairly quiet weekend in terms of bikes. I fiddled around a bit with my ARC today trying to get those pesky Grafton brakes to work. I swear those things are more meddlesome than a 30 year old Alfa Romeo. The mounting nuts require these special infinitesimally thin washers under the bolt and it doesn't pinch the caliper making it stick and. Well, these washers are not the sort of thing you can find at the local ACE hardware, they are more like washer shavings really. Sounds like another order for McMaster Carr is brewing...

Aside from that the ARC is nearly done. It still needs the silver FTW modified ATAC stem, but the violet will do for now. I am going back and forth on the 3DV Grafton cranks. Sometimes I want them on there, other times I think it's a bit too much. Otherwise the bike is a peach; of course the true test will be in San Gabriel Mountains this week.

The Moots has stalled out a bit. I think the WTB Speedmaster rear brake is the wrong size for that frame. I may be able to mess around a bit with the settings on the moots mounts, but I fear it's a lost cause. Of course I don't have any other U-Brakes or Roller Cams lying around to slap on, so the bike is in limbo.

The purple Ultimate is also on hold. I can't get the wheels built due to a lack of a matching set of 32 hole rims. I have lots of mismatched pairs, so I guess I'll just have to wait. Maybe I'll replace the bearings in the old Ringle hubs in the mean time. The FTW stem went off to get powder coated to match the frame, I think it'll be cool to have that whole set complete!

As for project bikes, I sent the XL Yo Eddy off to paint and should be back in 3-4 weeks, hopefully enough time to accumulate all the necessary parts. Up in the queue are 2 1993 Klein Attitudes and one 1993 Adroit, all three will be in gator linear fade, a 1990 XL Attitude in white, 3 1990-91 Fat Chance Wickeds in Wild Kandy Cherry, another 1992 ARC in grey/turq and maybe another Yo Eddy... could be a busy summer.

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