Monday, April 16, 2012

1993 Yeti ARC update

This is another one of my personal bikes and I am very excited about getting it done. Almost there, just waiting on the steerer cutting tool and the new Manitou 2 bumpers and I'll be able to take it out for a shakedown spin. I think I may ditch the Grafton brakes in the long run, they are nice and flashy, but very finnicky and quite mushy. Plus it's hard to beat the performance and reliability of Shimano M900.

The stem will be replaced by an  FTW modified Yeti team ATAC in silver and the cranks may be replaced by Graftons in 3DV. I test fitted them and the BB spindle is still too short, so for now the M900s will have to do, could be worse. I was just recently given a pair of mint NOS NIB Panaracer Smoke Compe Lite tires which look great on this frame, thanks Bob!

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