Sunday, April 22, 2012

1992 Klein Attitude Backfire

Did a little bit of work on the 1992 Backfire Attitude today. Not as much progress as I wanted to make, but it getting there. It will need a shorter bottom bracket spindle to make the M900 XTR work as the bike was set up for 7-spd XT. Hopefully I can get it strung up tomorrow and get the BB spindle replaced later this week.

I know I always say this about all bikes, but the M900 XTR looks really-really good on the backfire, it's awesome!! This bike is in really amazing shape for being 20 years old, most of the scratches are on the chainstays, but there is nearly no chainsuck, just scratches on the end of the stays - odd... The rest of the frame is in excellent condition with only a few small scuffs and scratches here and there.

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