Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Riding legends - Klein Adroit Team Storm

Riding a bike like this is beyond privilege, it's really an honor. Everything about it screams "I'm here to race, put it in the big ring and turn and burn!" This bike is an amazing piece of history, I am thrilled that it's finally done and blown away by the final result.

Read the back story of this bike here

I may not have Tinker's legendary ability to grind away the competition in the big ring, but I still had a blast riding it. The ride is not a whole hell of a lot different from a rigid Adroit. The Mag-21 was plenty stiff, with just a bit of give on the descent. It took the edge of and I can see how over the course of a long ride it would pay off. The Grafton brakes were mush, the Ti chainrings shifted like crap compared to the ramped and pinned M900 rings I'm used to, the tires were begging to be put out of their misery, but the shit eating grin never left my face.

I will definitely be converting these brakes to use eye bolts in lieu of the L brackets. This setup has way too much flex and is nearly impossible to keep in place.


  1. nice! why not run the front brake cable through the stem as was intended?

    1. That noodle is there for use on rigid forks which don't have a cable hanger like the Rock Shox does.