Sunday, August 10, 2014

Klein Adroit - Team Storm

Well, what can I say other than this has been a very-very long time in the making. I have been working on or thinking about this project going on for 15 years ( Backstory here ) and I almost can't believe it's finally come together.

Pics to my summary of Tinker's 1993 season on his Team Storm bike : here

Pics of my first ride on this bike : here

There are now words to describe how absolutely stunning this bike is in person. It might be my most amazing project to date, I am utterly speechless!!!

The fork lowers and brake arch actually came from Tinker. They were never used and just had internals put into them for the first time this year. The color is a really dark purple, almost bordering on black.

Tinker signed the frame for me back in 2001-02 at the Cannondale homecoming event. I hadn't even started restoring it at that point in time.

This MC1 was actually found earlier this year in Gary's personal stash of parts of all places. I'm guessing that once the Klein factory was closing down all of the surplus MC1s and other random parts were locked away in storage and this bar got throw into the mix. It's a perfect match... only took 14 years to find it!!! I bet Gary already had it when I came to visit him back in 2002, bummer I didn't see it back then!

Grafton cranks with Action Tec Titanium chainrings and Tinker's signature Look clipless pedals. No idea how anyone could actually mountain bike with those things!!

Since Ringle didn't make 31.6 posts quite this early they made a custom one off prototypes for Tinker and Sara. Basically Ringle took the oversize 31.8 posts they made for Doug Bradbury and turned them down to 31.6 for use in Kleins and then pressed in bonded their standard head. This is a replica of this post made the same exact way.

I took some liberties with the rim using 3DV Sun CR16 rims with an equivalent of ceramic coating for the braking surfaces. Tinker didn't run these, but he would have it they had come out a few months earlier.

Ringler Super Bubba hubs with radial non drive side lacing and 3 cross on drive side using double butted Wheelsmith spokes. Matching Ringle skewers complete the setup.

Grafton Speed controller brakes were about the best there was back in the day. 3DV was the color choice for many top racers.

This style of head tube badge was only available on team bikes. 

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