Saturday, June 7, 2014

Restored 1990 Klein Attitude

You may remember this Attitude from a couple of months ago. I bought it along with it's little brother hoping for two grade A bikes, but instead ended up with a bit more than I bargained for.

Both bikes had a solid foundation but required a lot of vision to see through the dirt, scuffs, scratches and worn out components.

Here are a few pics of the before condition to give you an idea of where this bike started out.

Here are some after pics. The frame cleaned up really well. A few hours with some rubbing/polishing compound and an orbital buffer took care of most of the blemishes. Then a little bit of wet sanding and some more polishing and glaze. The vast majority of the parts are original with a few replacements. Dia Compe 986 brakes replaced the Suntour XCD rears, Klein did this to improve heel clearance. Refurbished M730 XT cranks went in place of the old beat up ones which always smartens up any old XT equipped rig. Everything else cleaned up pretty well using the Ultrasonic cleaner (always remember to repack the old STIs with some fresh grease to keep em moving).

The new owner took delivery today, hopefully the bike will give him many more years of enjoyment on the local LA trails!

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