Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1994 Klein Attitude Storm

This Attitude ended up being quite possibly the longest, and most drawn out restoration I ever did... two freaking years!!!! Most of that was due to the frame paintwork, but still... I originally got the frame as a trade for a Gossamer Attitude I had a few years ago. It was in pretty good shape, just pot marked with little chips and had one dent on the seat tube. I definitely wanted to preserve it and so I sough out the service of CyclArt who did some pretty good restoration work for me back in the late 90s. I won't dwell on this point too much, but let's just say they lost their will or ability to get stuff done in any sort of reasonable time... it took more than 18 months to get it done and I lost two buyers in the mean time... The final product was still great, but worth the wait??

Frame in original condition:

Frame during restoration:

For the final build I decided to let the frame shine and just went with straight forward M900, what else right?

Sorry for using the same background twice, I found that a B&W background was just best and I just really liked this one the first time around!

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