Sunday, February 2, 2014

1990 Klein Attitude rebuild

Some of you may remember this Attitude from the 2013 NAHBS show. After the show the bike spent some time hanging out at the Pro's Closet before returning home to LA where it sat in a box for six months. The build I put together for the NAHBS was always a bit more show than go, and so when I finally found a home for it I was more than happy to give it a once over and complete the build appropriately.

Here is how the bike looked at NAHBS:

While the Bullseye cranks and hubs definitely looked the part, they didn't make the bike any more pleasant to ride. There wasn't anything really wrong rest of the build, but it was just a bit overkill.

The new spec is an exact replica of the bike feature in the 1990 catalog, right down to the Avocet GelFlex seat. The only thing I didn't do was use Dia-Compe 986 brakes in the rear, but that was a conscious decision.

The end result is much more subtle and elegant while still maintaing some of the racy look by using black Shimano M730/732 XT parts.


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