Tuesday, December 10, 2013

1985 Fat Chance Trials

Another interesting Fat Chance bike. This time it's a 1985 Trials bike formerly ridden by Nancy Earle who raced for Fat in the mid 80s. The most notable feature of this bike is heavy duty box crown fork with cool dedicated axle dropouts (EDITED : I previously referred to these as an early attempt at Thru-Axle dropouts, which was not correct - Thanks Mike for the clarification). The build is pretty nice with Cook Bros hubs and cranks. The bike is in surprisingly great condition for a trials bike. A real interesting piece of history.

This seems to be a fairly stock trials bike given it's lack of bashguard, weak brakes and gears. (EDITED I previously commented that the fact that the bike has gears was odd, having mostly seen modified trials bikes I was surprised to see one with gears - Thanks Mike for the clarification)


  1. Super cool. I knew Fat City made trials bikes in the '80s, but have yet to see one. I still have a '86 Fat Chance and '91 Yo Eddy hanging in the garage...

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