Monday, June 17, 2013

1992 Klein Attitude in Sunburst Linear Fade

Just wrapped up my turbo charged weekend of building bikes. That's about four bikes in three days and I have to say I'm beat, but feel accomplished. The last one in line was this 1992 Klein Attitude finished in Sunburst linear fade. This is a 1992 frame but was painted by Klein in 1993, hence the debossed decals. The build here is pretty straightforward, just M900 XTR. I'll most likely add a Ti Syncros post and some Ringle QRs to add a little bit of flair, but mainly here the goal is to let the frame shine.

It's so hard to capture the colors of these bike with a camera, the colors blend together so smoothly and remain so rich after all these years that even my DSLR fails to bring out their true richness and depth.


  1. Hi Martin,
    I own an Adept Linear Fade Klein. I used to ride it but got scared of someone stealing it. Do you ride your bikes, or just look at them? I am thinking of selling mine because I do not ride it. I love looking at it though.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      I do ride most of the vintage bikes I own. A few are ridden sparingly, but most see regular trail time. I'd be very interested in your Adept, send me some pictures at or via the contact form on the blog.