Sunday, June 16, 2013

1990 Doug Bradbury Manitou

This might be the fastest build I've ever done considering the relative complexity of the bike. Sure it's not the most difficult spec, but compared to the multitude of M900 spec'd Klein this was freaking K2. For the most part the build is exactly as it came to me I just replaced all the non-period correct bits with orignal M730/M732 XT. Rebuilding the original Bradbury fork was a bit of an adventure. The elastomers inside it were completely fused together and so I had no basis to figure out what length they should be. I used a set of medium compound Manitou 3 bumpers and experimented with a couple lengths until I got a stack that seemed to work pretty well.

This is the first generation Doug Bradbury Manitou fork. Delivering a whopping 1.25 - 1.5" of travel it was the fork to have back in the early 90s!!! 

I love the custom stem Doug made. Must say I'm a bit surprised this one isn't drilled for cable routing, I would have thought he made them all the same. But it seems that the man didn't do something if it didn't need to be done.

There are very few differences between this 1990 frame and my 1989, about the only thing I've been able to spot is that the 90 uses a 27.2 post vs the 26.8 in the 89.

Custom modified Hi-E hub expanded to 115mm front spacing all held together by an shortened rear Ringle Cam-Twist skewer. Imagine how many rear Ringle skewer Doug must have bought for all the bikes he made.

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  1. I'm glad she found a good new home. Have fun with her.