Sunday, February 3, 2013

Restored 1990 Klein Attitude for NAHBS

This bike came to me as a frame with the orignal MC1 and a later model uniklein fork. Structurally the frame was in good shape but the paint was pretty rough, the MC1 was cut down and of course the fork was wrong I managed to find a nice box crown fork to replace the uniklein and happened to have a nice MC1 to complete the set. The frame was originally painted in the pink/white/green Team colors and so I chose that same color for the repaint.

This Klein will be displayed at this year's NAHBS along with the 93 ARC I started building a couple weeks ago and a 93 Fat Chance Yo Eddy I have yet to build. I probably could have made it more exciting by going with a Campagnolo build, but in the interest of time I opted for some basic Shimano XT. However, since it's going to be a show bike I decided to spice up the build a little bit by adding Bullseye cranks, Bullseye wheels (not yet built), American Classic quick releases and a perforated white Turbo (not yet installed). 

The bike still needs a bit of work before it's ready for its debut, but not a lot more. Hope to get it done before next weekend.

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