Monday, February 25, 2013

1993 Yeti ARC Team replica build

I'm finally able to catch my breath after a whirlwind weekend in Colorado and get a few pictures up of the three bikes I featured alongside Spectrum Powderworks at the 2013 NAHBS in Denver.

The bike was a huge hit, both spectators, media and the manufacturers came over to hang out at our booth and reminisce about the good ole days of brightly anodized parts and suspension with barely 1.5" of travel. It was a blast.

In my humble opinion this bike perfectly embodies the 1990s mountain bike explosion. The Yeti ARC is about the most iconic and recognizable image from magazine covers and posters from 1991-1996. I've said it before, but it bears repeating that many so many of the then racers who we now call legends raced for Yeti and many won on a bike just like this one. You simply can't talk about the golden age of mountain biking and not mention the Yeti ARC and simultaneously envision the sliding Yetiman gracing that huge 1 1/4" headtube (hoping it hasn't cracked yet.)

Of course where would Yeti be without the 3DV?? (that's 3D Violet for those of you who weren't there) Brands like Ringle, Grafton, Critical Racing and Answer Manitou is synonymous with big time racing in the early 90s. Tomac, Furtado, Juarez, Giove and all of the other greats had them, we all wanted them and this bike is dripping with all the requisite bits; Grafton brakes, levers, cranks, bottom bracket and shifter perches. Hubs, seatpost, skewers and the ever so popular Mojo "Peace Sign" brake straddle hangers courtesy of Ringle. Last but definitely not least a Chris King Evolution headset and the famous Onza Porcupine tires.

Team cut Answer ATAC stem and an Answer Hyperlite round out the cockpit.

You had to be there man!!

For anyone interested in this bike it will be displayed at the Pro's Closet bike shop in Boulder colorado. 


  1. Hey why not run the cable through the guide on the stem?

    1. Running through both the stem and suspension fork could create very undesirable brake performance as the fork moves relative to the stem and would essentially make the brakes inoperable