Sunday, August 26, 2012

1994 Yeti ARC build started

I managed to squeeze in a ride this morning and then still had enough juice to get started on the 94 Yeti ARC. This build will be very similar to the 1995 Yeti ARC I just finished, with a few differences. 

The planned build is as follows:

19" Yeti ARC frame
Manitou 3 fork
Ringle Slamma Jamma headset, Zooka stem, Moby post and Super Bubba wheels all in turquoise
Grafton Speedcontroller brakes, Speedcase BB and Joystix cranks in turquoise
Answer Hyperlite handlebar in turquoise
Shimano M900 drivetrain (shifters, derailleurs, brake levers, cassette)
Flite seat
IRC Piranha tires

Here are a few pics of todays progress. Still waiting on decals and a few odds and ends.

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