Thursday, August 23, 2012

1994 Klein Adroit Sea & Sky

Another battered and bruised Klein. It seems the big boys exert a lot more wear and tear on their bikes than some of the lil fellers. Anyways, aside from some paint damage this frame in excellent condition. Sadly the steerer on the MC2 has been cut, so a small extension will be required to attach the MC2. This is a true MC2 Adroit, not one of the rebadged Attitudes. It has the oversize 2" downtube with external cable inlets but sadly no Strata fork for this one, the Judy fork will have to suffice.

The bike is slated to get a full respray in pearl white later on this fall. I'm trying to decide between black and red debossing. Black seems like it would be a slam dunk, but there is a certain amount of flair and subtlety associated with red against the white pearl, we'll see.


  1. Too bad you have to/plan to strip it. Sea&Sky is one of my favorite colour schemes.

  2. It is a very pretty color, but this specific bike has a lot of paint flaws, especially around the chainstays (big pieces of paint missing). Sea & Sky is a very beautiful color though, I agree.

    1. Hi,
      Is this a 1994 frame with a 1995 fork? I am planning to do the same with my battered Coral Reef. Maybe not time correct but hey, where to find those rigid forks!?

    2. It is a July 1994 frame, but according to the previous owner it came with the Judy fork. The Judy line of forks came out in late 1994 so it's very likely that the fork came on the bike from the factory.