Sunday, February 12, 2012

1992 Klein Adroit Rebuild

The Klein Adroit was one of my dream bikes growing up , but at about $3000-4000 for the fuselage it was always out of reach. Nowadays these bikes are extremely rare (especially with a strata fork) and finding one takes a huge stroke of luck. I had just such a stroke of luck about two years ago when a good friend of mine found this bike for sale here in LA. The bike used to belong to a local mountain bike racer from Knapps bicycle shop. The bike was built with all fairly high end parts, and with a few exceptions (replaced XT front and rear derailleurs with XTR) I kept it stock.

One of the highlights of the build is a rather rare prototype Ringle front hub. Knapps must have had a good connection with Ringle to get one of these. The hub is a very interesting design, it uses straight spokes much like the Pulsar design from the early 90s.

The bike is a great survivor. It has a plethora of battle scars, but all in all is in great shape and goes like the clappers.
It's great to have the old girl up and running and I'm looking forward to many future miles of riding!


  1. I like you needed an Adroit. I bought a Attitude and to make things worse I paid extra
    for a RocShox with titanium arms.
    If you ever think of selling your Gator Fade Adroit please let me know.
    Glenn Warren

  2. I was very lucky that the previous owner of this bike kept the Strata fork after installing Rock Shox Judy. There is a very long line of people interested in this bike, for the time being it'll remain my personal rider.

  3. Would you consider trading it for another Adroit?
    If so, I can offer this-
    05/96 #260 Koi Adroit with mostly original rear components and drivetrain, front end is combination of Hope hydraulic disc, Marzocchi Bomber, Bontrager bar/stem. Selle Italia seat, Chris King disc comptible hubs, rim rear wheel and front disc wheel. Paint is superb in the upper triangle but shows some battle scars on rear triangle from being ridden. No dents.
    Drop-outs in great condition. 9spd XTR cassette.
    Rob 703-371-2984

    1. Thank you for the offer Rob, but not only is this my personal bike but the values of these two bike are dramatically different and would not be in my favor in the slightest.