Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1988 Fat Chance Wicked

Just thought I'd throw up a quick set of pics of the 88 Wicked before I box it up for it's overseas voyage. This was a fun bike to work on, and ride around for a little while. Los Angeles was definitely the place for it, as evidenced by the number of "You must be a Laker's fan" comments I received when riding it around town (for the record I'm not).
The bike was in pretty good shape, and just needed a few things done to it. I installed new BB bearings, overhauled the headset, replaced cables and housings, put on some old school tires and a gave it a general tune up. Although it didn't hurt the performance in any way the shifters, brakes, brake levers, cranks were all really ratty so I freshened them up a bit here and there. Otherwise the old girl was in tip top shape, a real testament to the old adage "They don't build them like they used to."

These two-tone Wickeds (as well as other unusual colors) are getting harder and harder to come by, (especially in good condition) so it's nice to see this one going to a good home. Hopefully it'll see some singletrack in the near future and not be relegated to another 10 years as a garage queen.

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