Monday, January 2, 2012

1995 Yeti ARC Rescue

Up until this point I've mainly taken on projects that maybe were missing some parts, perhaps needed some refinishing or at most needed a respray, it's time to tackle something a bit more involved.

I came across this injured Yeti ARC a couple months ago and decided I wanted to try and give it a second chance. Like many of the early to mid 90s ARC which have either a cracked headtube or a cracked seatpost binder bolt, this one suffers from the former (both sides of headtube cracked) and in most cases would be considered a lost cause.

This specific ARC (A19xx) is most likely a late 94 or 95 production model and therefore definitely worth saving. Aside from the cracked headtube the bike is in very good shape with no other visible damage anywhere else. The bike came with a host of period correct Ringle and Grafton goodies that will be refinished and reused later on during the final build. I haven't decided on a color for this and will be asking for input for the readers on which way to go with it.

This ARC along with another one with a similar ailment are flying off to FTW for headtube replacement in the next couple days. I think this one will get a full respray while the other one (an earlier 92/93) which is in better condition can hopefully be kept as original as possible, maybe only require the headtube to be repainted.

Stay tuned for a progress updates on these two rescues!!

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