Monday, December 12, 2011

Upcoming projects

I've been very busy lately with a job transition and am falling behind on some projects.  However, stuff is going on and here is a quick list of some things I have been working on and will post up shortly.

Rebuilding and restoring guide of Bullseye cranks.  I am in the process of custom building new seals for the old Bullseye bearings and will have the cranks powder coated.

Restoring two 88/89 Fat Chance Wickeds, first one is done and the second is still under the knife and taking a little longer than expected.

Full restoration on a 1990 Yo Eddy, this one will be killer.  It will receive the reconditioned Bullseye cranks, matching black Bullseye wheels, full M732/725 XT, Grove Innovations Hothead bar/stem combo and a host of other goodies.

Full restoration on a 1993/94 Grove Innovations Hard Core, bikes is currently being repainted by Bill Grove and will have a matching Hammerhead bar/stem and Hard Core fork and will be completed with a full NOS Shimano M735 XT gruppo, another bike to watch out for.

Another full restoration of a 1995 Klein Attitude.  The bike is currently getting repainted in a Team Storm scheme by Jon Rock in the UK.  Not sure how I'll build this bike up yet and am still collecting parts to complete it.

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