Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bring out yer dead...

As much fun as it is to restore and work on truly amazing vintage bikes, there is a more altruistic aspect to Second Spin of bringing bikes back from the dead and giving them a second life.  In that vein I picked up two perfect candidates yesterday, a 1990/91 Specialized Stumpjumper and a 92/93 GT Zaskar LE.

Both of these bikes were very clearly ridden hard and put away wet.  However, in both cases the frames and most of the components are in pretty good shape, especially the Zaskar.

Living in the South Bay I find that a nice commuter bike comes in very handy.  A less complicated bike, with fewer gears (I personally prefer 1x8 or 1x7), with semi slick road tires, comfortable ride position and ultimately something you mind getting beaten up a little here and there is very nice to have to ride down to the beach, go the store or bike to work.  Bikes likes these are perfect for such a conversion, and they're relatively cheap!!

The front shocks on both of these bikes are toast, and they will be replaced with rigid forks.  I already have two original GT 3D and Bologna forks coming from the UK for the Zaskar, so it will be very much period correct.

I'm very excited about getting these two bikes fixed up as quickly as possible and putting them back out on the roads and trails.  I already have a couple friends who are eagerly looking for new bikes, so hopefully we can find some good matches.

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