Thursday, October 20, 2011

1992 Fat Chance Yo Eddy

This gorgeous hunk of butted steel is a 1992 Fat Chance Yo Eddy that has undergone a controversial repaint courtesy of Russ Pickett at AirArt.  This specific Yo started life in Sommervile, MA and then proceeded to Boston where it was used and abused as a town commuter by its previous owner.  This specific Yo is teamed with the famous Yo Eddy rigid fork, and without the Fat Chance sealed cartridge bottom bracket.  The latter is a good thing because it not only provides options for replacement, but also the old Fat Chance bottom brackets are often frozen with rust due to neglect.

Eventually the Yo made its way to Southern California where it was put out to stud, that is "sit in a garage and waste away."

Fast forward a little while to earlier this year, I managed to get a hold of it and the restoration began.  The frame was structurally in good shape, with only some minor surface rust, and a little more rust inside the seat tube.  A couple minutes with a pipe cleaning wire brush and some rush inhibitor and the seat tube issues were all gone.  I stripped the frame down of all the parts, most of which were very dated and largely past their prime.  Then the frame went off to Russ and here is the finished product.

The Yo Eddy decals are courtesy of Rody at Groovy Cycles, who were are very lucky is still catering to all things Fat Chance.  The color is called Team Violet and is one of the best choices for a Yo of this vintage.  The actual paint color doesn't really come through in pictures but it has a very nice pastel quality that is amplified by the reddish pearlescent clear coat!!  It really looks beautiful.

 Beautiful Campagnolo dropouts

Stay tuned for the upcoming build.  I hope to have most of it done this coming weekend and am very anxious to see how it rides.  A Fat Chance can only be appreciated on the trails and I hope to have a chance to give this bike a semi decent test drive before trying to find a home for it!

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