Monday, November 7, 2016

1993 Klein Attitude in Moonrise Linear Fade

Having built two dozen or more Klein Attitudes and Adroits over the years I thought I was starting to feel some fatigue for the brand. So when this project came up I can't say I was super enthused about it at first. However, once the frame came back from paint and the bike came together I am once again really pleased to put another one of these amazing machines back on the trails. This particular Klein Attitude is really the bee's knees when it comes to the MC1 generation of Attitudes. The 1993 bikes got the larger seat tube from the Adroit (31.6mm post vs 27.2mm on the earlier frames) and a larger 1 7/8" vs 1 5/8" downtube, but only double butted instead of triple butted on the Adroit. So, pound for pound these are the coolest of the MC1 era bikes.

The build is pretty much factory spec will a full Shimano M900 XTR group, Syncros post with a Flite saddle and Klein Deathgrip tires and Instinct grips.