Saturday, September 17, 2016

Restoring Tinker's 1993 Storm Adroit - Part 2

Posting these photos now after the Pro's Closet released their professional photo shoot seems a bit redundant but perhaps I can offer a little bit of new commentary to go along with the pictures to earn your click.

All in all the bike ended up looking better than I expected, not how I imagined it, but not as bad as when it was found.

The front fork is odd, but it belongs on there. Still wish Tinker still had the matching storm MC1 and Mag-21 fork.

I dig the black/3DV combo on the brake levers... may need to do that on my Adroit.

That back end... what a shame

I always expected to see one of the prototype carbon MC1s on Tinker's bike. But I guess it may not have been up to the task of full blown World Cup racing.

Time has not been kind to these Speed Controllers...

Love the radial front wheel, and the half radial / half 3x on the rear.

Looks like these wheels have seen more than one World Cup... good thing as they were made only for racing!

Now why would he have run these when M900 rings were available?? Leftovers from the previous season when Klein was sponsored by Campy? Maybe he really liked them?

Tinker's choice! I heard he had boxes of these sitting around up until just a few years ago. That's dedication!

The bassworm... not sure it was really useful with the M900 rear derailleur, but it was strange looking and people bought them in droves. So, I guess it must have made you faster!

You can clearly see the hand cut lines on the EX decal. If there is one thing this bike is not lacking, it's extra stickers!

I'm not really a huge fan of how this head tube was finished. It's looks like hamburger meat or something like that.

That's a loud and bright front end, no denying that!

Well, that's another chapter closed. Another bike done and crossed off the list. I am satisfied to have worked on it and had the chance to put it back together. But I definitely feel a strong sense of disappointment with the condition and story of the bike. It was discarded and wasting away and it wasn't until someone expressed interest in it, that any value was attributed to it. But, I guess that's how it goes and you can't expect everyone to share your view of the world. On to the next project!


  1. Hi Martin, i have one question... were those rims 3dv finish?

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