Monday, August 10, 2015

1991 Johnny O'Mara Yeti ARC - full photo shoot

I've shown the bike here already, but wanted to take the opportunity to take some nicer photos and do the bike and build justice.

The bike just screams early 90s racing; long stem, latest suspension tech, some anodized bling foreshadowing the days yet to come.

Matching gray Answer A-Tac was a lucky find in my parts bin and Frank the Welder took it the final step by adding the tea cut feature

Cook Bros cranks were all the rage with Yeti prior to the arrival of John Grafton and all his fancy wares.

Unlike some of the later team bikes that came out of Yeti which were bedazzled with 3DV or Turquoise components this bike has some very subtle highlights. I for one really like this look.

Early Yeti cable stops, the first 50 were made by hand and are a little more blocky than the later production version.

Doug Bradbury Manitou fork was the weapon of choice of the Pros back in those days.

A more true statement could not have been said!

This bike just looks fast from every angle

Something about the all gray headtube makes the Yetiman decal seem a little more special.