Monday, March 23, 2015

1994 Klein Adroit

I've spent quite a lot of time riding my old 92 Adroit and felt strongly that it was one of the best bikes ever made. I've never really ridden an MC2 era Klein, but have heard a lot of good things. So, when the opportunity to buy this bike came up I felt pretty confident that it was a good move to buy it. I've not been disappointed...

The bike here is a rather early one. I think that MC2 Attitudes didn't go into full production until April - May of 1994 and the Adroits a little bit later still. This is the 15th 21" Adroit made, and is dated from May of 1994. It's the earliest MC2 Adroit I have recorded in my database.

Full ride review and proper pics coming shortly

This bike is no beauty queen and has its share of battle scars. As such I've built it up as a full on rider and while I hope to preserve it as best as I can, it's quickly rising up the ranks of my small fleet and will no doubt be a frequent favorite for local rides!

Production stays still have a little of the MC1 square design left, but not quite as much as the original prototype.

Chainstays on the prototype MC2 Adroit, you can see a lot of the old MC1 design still there

Hugi hub lend a little splash of exotica to this bike, plus that sound is simply over the top.

Not a standard MC2 cap, but a later MC3 version. I actually quite like it!

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