Friday, December 19, 2014

1987 Steve Potts Signature

I recently had the opportunity to restore/overhaul this lovely bike for a good friend of mine. I'm fortunate in that I usually get to work on some very nice bikes, but even among those awesome machines things can get a little stale. So, I was very happy to have something different and unique in my stand for a while. I just wish it was my size so that I could take out for a quick spin.

This is quite possibly one of the loudest and most ostentatious Potts ever to come out of Marin...

What Potts would be complete without a drop bar setup?? Again, this one was too small for me so I can't really get a feel for the ride, but it is unusual.

Original Specialized "Flag" cranks with Shimano 600ex chainrings. The bike came with mostly modern rings, so these were swapped in to make it correct.

WTB Grease Guard hubs with  Sepecialized quick releases, a very appropriate look for that era of bike.

About the only option missing from this bike is a Type II fork, but the Type I does the job pretty well!

WTB Toe Flips on Shimano M731 pedals. The Toe Flips were designed to help the rider get the pedals oriented properly to ease getting their foot into the cage.

The B cluster is a work of art. A seamless joining of 5 unique tubes that appears to have no other way of looking than like this. Why aren't all bikes this pretty?

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