Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yeti ARC-AS Final Photo Shoot

After almost a year of collecting parts, frame repairs, paint, decal recreation and crazy building here is the final product. I didn't expect it to turn out quite to awesome!!!

This bike is completely over the top in every single way. There isn't a single part on here that doesn't have three stickers where one would do, isn't dripping with bright red anodize, or wrapped in delicious carbon fiber. From the prototype HED / Ringle Ti-Stix wheels to the Grafton Speed Controller II brakes and a smatter of other Ringle / Grafton jewlery every part here adds to the show bike look and feel. But this bike doesn't just look the part. All the suspension components, bearing and drivetrain components are fully functional. The suspension travel is tight and the bike feels light and responsive. Although I didn't have a chance to really ride it off road a few quick runs at the local park left me wanting one someday!