Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Yeti ARC-AS : 1996 Ringle catalog replica build

One of the latest builds to come out of SSC may be one of the most intense to date. I began this project over a year ago and mid way through the part collection process decide to dramatically change course and start collecting parts all over again.

It started out like this:

The frame looked great aside from the shattered seat tube. It went off to FTW and came bike looking like this:

The original plan was to built it as a replica of the Jimmy Deaton Kamikaze bike, but then I came across the ARC-AS featured on the cover of the 1996 Ringle catalog and decided that it was a much more interesting way to go. This is what it ended up looking like:

This bike screams overkill, but it's so damn amazing... I just can't get over how it all came together!!

Ringle Ti-Stix rear hub laced to a matching 28h HED rim, totally sexy!!

Ringle stem, Ringle headset, Yeti Thermoplastic handle bar, Grafton levers and perches - there is nothing more that I could jam into this cockpit!

Grafton SC IIs with DKG brake braces on a Risse Engineering modified Rock Shox Judy SL. Ringle Mojo brake hanger hiding in the background :)

Ringle Ti-Stix front hub with a matching 18 spoke HED rim!!! Where else are you ever going to see that!!!

Grafton cranks and BB... oh yeah I lost an NOS Grafton BB during this build, that's fun!!

Freshly serviced Risse rear shock!!


  1. FRO tires even! I forgot about those. Nice!

  2. Sorry, but do you know something about this: http://mercador.ro/oferta/yeti-arc-as-lt-bj-1994-ID11kMP.html#b1219df3b6
    is it a fake i suppose...

  3. Oh that is just the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I have an ARC of this age, and though I loved the AS1, I never got one. All that kit is just perfect. What you have done with this bike is truly amazing. Dave.