Monday, August 12, 2013

1993 Klein Adroit Team Storm - Update #1

I had a little time over the weekend to make some progress on the Tinker Storm Adroit replica build.

On went custom built Ringle wheels on Sun CR17 3DV rims, radially laced up front and radial / 3-cross rear. These wheels were modeled after the actual wheels that Tinker raced on. Main differences are that he used normal Chinooks whereas I went for the ceramic coated CR17s. Hubs are the same Ringle Super Bubba front and Super 8 rear in 3DV. Tinker's wheels used Wheelsmith spokes and I went with DT. Currently I'm running a Shimano M900 XTR 12-28 cassette, but will ultimately replace it with a Titanium one from Action Tec, just like Tink's bike. Titanium Ringle Cam Twist quick releases keep them anchored to the frame.

Grafton brake levers and shifter perches complete the cockpit just like Tinker had back in 1993. Eventually I'll get some clear ATI grips and swap out the MC1 for a more subtle one. But for now this will have to work.

Grafton Joystix cranks with Action Tec Titanium chainrings mounted to an Action Tec Titanium bottom bracket spindle look the part on this over the top purple monster.

The rest of the bike is just as it was when I got it. I still need to assemble the custom Mag-21 fork and swap it in place of the Strata.

Other changes include 3DV Grafton Speedcontrollers and custom built replica of the prototype Ringle 31.6 3DV post. Stay tuned as I complete this crazy project.

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