Monday, May 6, 2013

1994 Klein Attitude in Moonrise Linear Fade

I was going to build this bike a couple weeks ago but the MC2 needed some rework due to an upside down logo. The bar came in this weekend and I had just recently removed the XT grouppo off the XL nightstorm Attitude which was perfect for this bike.

The frame started out life in Painted Desert, but the time it came to me it was in pretty sad shape with some fade on the top tube, lots of chips and scratches, some corrosion under the paint around the BB shell and downtube cable exist, significant chainsuck and some spun water bottle cage mounts. The minor repairs were done by FTW and paint by Spectrum. I think the results are fantastic. All of the bearings were replaced with fresh new ones, along with new brake bosses and cable liners. Fork received a full rebuild as well and was reconditioned externally.

Parts kit consists of Shimano M737 XT, Syncros post, Vetta saddle and Panaracer hardcore Dart and Smoke tires. Aside from some Klein specific things like grips and tires this bike is almost exactly like one that would have come out of the factory back in 1994, quite a throwback.


  1. Was the moonrise a factory color in 1994?

    1. Yes. Moonrise was offered in 1993 and 1994, it's listed in catalogs from both years. It just wasn't a very common color in 1994, much more so in 1993.