Thursday, April 11, 2013

1990 Fat Chance Yo Eddy

I've been working on a Yo Eddy bike for myself for quite some time, trying out different sizes and forks until I figured out what I wanted. Ultimately I decided that I needed a Large frame and more or less settled on one with a Yo fork instead of a BOI. I'm still not 100% settled on the last bit, but as non-suspension corrected BOIs are hard to find and I wanted an early Yo frame my hand was forced. I was getting ready to get a frame and fork repainted (they were mismatched colors) when this bike came up.

It's a 1990 Yo Eddy, built in November so after the switch from Z serial numbers to Y. Build is pretty basic XT with an ATAC stem, Stronglight headset and Sakae TCO post and Titanium Bulge bar. The paint condition is really fantastic with only a couple scratches and chips. The decals are worse for wear, but I think the cracking is kind of neat and plan on leaving them as is. Overall, I don't plan on changing much on the bike with the exception of some of the components. 

The color is a beautiful teal metallic that hasn't lost any of it's original luster and sparkle!

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